one of the things that keep me going

one of the things that keep me going

Monday, November 17, 2014

What I do when I don't feel like working out (my motivation to get up and moving!)

ahhh, procrastination. lack of motivation. laziness. or flat out "I don't want to!"

somehow, exercising can always end up at the bottom of our "to do" list...along with paying bills, washing the toilet, and throwing out all the moldy items in your refrigerator. we tend to avoid things that will do us good because, you know, we're self destructive like that...aka yetzer hara/evil inclination. I've been getting asked a lot about what I do to motivate myself to work out when I REALLY don't feel like it, so...the people have spoken. 

I am a work in progress, I've been on a "fitness" journey for many years (to be discussed later!) but most seriously in the past year. Here are a few strategies that have helped me ward off the excuses.

1. Set A Time - just like any other important part of your day, schedule it. When it's on the schedule, it is a lot more likely to happen, not to mention you'll feel obligated to get it done along with the rest of your day. Without a set time, you'll get lost, distracted, or plain out forget! So in my book, this is number one. I personally work out first thing in the morning, when I would leave it til the evening, I would 5/7 of the time be way too tired or have something else come up that took precedence. It also helps me set up for the next tip..

2. Go to sleep in your work out clothes - this way, you wake up and you're ready to go! no need to change or make any big moves, besides for lacing up your shoes!

3. Make sure you're doing something you enjoy - I've done a lot of different activities before I found the ones I enjoyed the most. You'll be a lot more motivated to exercise if it's fun and you look forward to it. I did hip hop and kickboxing classes on you tube, I ran on the treadmill, I went to spin class (which is where I met my personal trainer :) ), I've been all over the place. If you're just starting out, you have to start with something you like...punish yourself later.

4. I'm just going to do xyz for 3 minutes - when I REALLY don't feel like it, I try to psyche myself out. I remind myself how important it is to keep up with my fitness goals, and how any effort is better than no effort. The first time I understood this was when I was home and I told myself "I'll just do a 3 minute dance routine. That way I can say I did it". K, so this part is kind of embarrassing >:-O but here goes.. it was right when "Gangnum Style" came out, and it was EVERYWHERE! Anyway, this was what came up, and it is very silly, but it was REALLY fun, got me moving, and after the song was over I just ran out of the house!! Did a small run around the neighborhood. It was awesome.

Another example if "Gangnum Style" isn't your thing ;) So I tell myself, "I'll just run 1 mile. I'll be back in 10 minutes. No biggie.." Once I'm out there, I usually do much more then I told myself I would do. One of my best runs was done on a day I didn't want to at all, so, you never know :) 

5. Tell someone for accountability - A surefire thing for me is when I tell my husband I don't feel like it he tells me "too bad..sorry". in which I respond "(sigh) you're right..." tough love. :) When you have someone on your team, rooting for you and your goals, they will have no problem giving you the push you need. Even better? Personal Trainer. Mine always knows how to keep me in line. 

6. How will you feel later? Which will be the bigger regret, working out or not working out? It's a painful question, but the truth hurts. "Wow, I'm SO happy I didn't work out today! That was SO worth it!" #saidnooneever. 

Another thing I want to mention is, don't be silly. If you are ILL, you better take off your workout clothes, put on pajamas and a zip up, drink lots of hot fluids and go back to bed! You must get better first!

Be a hero, not a martyr.
k, awesome :)
stay tuned for more!
Now go run! 


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